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Reliable it is as long.

Students of “Japanese farming large school” was please come to visit us.
First of all, What is the “tea”?
We were allowed to talk about the cultivation and manufacturing and distribution.
In the tea factory I was surprised to the height of the multi-and price of the machine process.
We were learning about the management style of diene self-made house sales.
I was interested about “Posureji introduction”, “card settlement,” “shopping basket of the website” “website through the home and abroad” as a commitment to our management innovation.
We were allowed to even talk about sixth-order industrialization to be addressed by the Company.
“Producers from management” to the student’s our question of consciousness has changed, things from the perspective ever many, we were also happy to learn many things.
Indeed Japan farming large school, first-class management, there was even a moment you feel there … The only thing was established in order to develop the leaders of local agriculture.
Agriculture I think attractive industry various possibilities is widened.
I think I want to come hard.

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