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Sayama tea as material

I went to front simple and elegant single house “MUSUI-AN IKEDA”  fitted with glass to be built as if being surrounded by green of Karuizawa.

“The Sayama tea French” which used Sayama tea as material as a tea break
It is farm products and Sayama tea of local Karuizawa to color over a plate vividly

Gel of “Okuharuka”

Of “Yumewakaba” include it, and boil it

It is tea cream on a waffle Of “Hokumei”

It is a “green oil “green sable boiling over” Fukumidori” in low temperature Confi

It is used tea leaves miso of “Musashikaori ” to a fried rice ball

Kudzu of “Sayamakaori”
Although the sewing was light, all dishes were the gems which could feel vitality to have of the material lively.
it was a time to feel the possibility of the tea leaf as ingredients some other time.

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