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The place that shows result of the tea plantation management

I participated in “an expo and the round of inspection” of “the steamed and dried tea leaves studio cultivation section” where oneself belonged to.
With the thing which I hang that I fix the tea stock side in autumn with “the tea plantation expo” in December from November that I finished, and is performed, I show result of the tea plantation management, and it is with a place making sure of a technique for each other. A judge goes around the exhibition tea plantation with the measurement and the thing which I examine it, and compete in a mark system about how to put on growth and roots of the above ground part, each item of the tea plantation management including the state of the soil and examines it, and it is with a meeting evaluating thorough everyday tea plantation management and technical height.
I feel like having been able to have a standard to watch one’s tea plantation objectively because I observe other field by helping with the expo, and making a circuit.

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