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That many of the people he will contribute to the Japanese tea

February 7 has a specialized knowledge and technology related to “Japanese tea”, consumers and the specialists to teach the beginner leaders certified to secondary test the “Japanese tea instructor” was held in various locations.
This test is intended to consist of appraisal and instruction technology, I also I was allowed witnessed as a judge of instruction technology.
Japanese tea instructor, the more opportunity to the instructions on Japanese tea in front of people. Knowledge of tea is, of course, but it is necessary to clearly described techniques.
That this instruction test has actually Japan proper tea to be it is possible brewed as tea instructor, it becomes a test to confirm whether it is correct to talk in public.
Challenge tea consists of four types of “Gyokuro”, “senior green tea,” “Intermediate green tea”, “roasted tea”, tea is four to fit in it, spoon the other, Tbsp, Yuzamashi, hourglass, Bon, dishcloth, pot or the like is prepared It has been.
1 minute to the tea of ​​the selection and preparation test time, description 4 minutes, is what holds know Question 3 from the subsequent examiner.
People who let me look at this time, was the first impression is that to very Do not have yourself well practice.
Many people pass even one person, I would like to pray that he will contribute to the Japanese tea.

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