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Good friends for many years to come in a couple

It was decorated with “dolls” in the shop.
The dolls, which has been awarded as “Feed chick” from the home of his wife how, will be referred to as “Prince ornament”.
Do you know the custom of “Feed chick”.
New daughter to the destination of the house Totsugi (bride) to celebrate the fact that it was possible, bride of intended to be awarded from the family home, and the girl is born this in three court ladies and five court musicians, of growing old together that Takasago grandfather, such as granny doll is awarded, will become the Dankazari.
It is the dolls for the bride which is given the hope that “forever friends in the couple.”
Each time you decorate it, thanks to the warm care of your parents of the wife how.
It is in the shops now little glamorous.

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