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The people of 26 people

Leave December 19, the end formula of “Japanese tea advisor training School Tokyo School” was held in Tokyo tea industry Hall.
This “Japanese tea advisor training school” is one of the course to get the Japanese tea advisor qualification, Japanese tea instructor in charge with qualification of “full-time lecturer” loaded with learning and experience for each field, interesting by attending classes while exchanging a fun practice, while learning fun and the knowledge of the Japanese tea in the school formula, it is a system to obtain a Japanese tea advisor qualifications.
This school qualification pass rate is very high, since opened in the Tokyo school, most of those who have to take the exam qualification has make yourself pass.
The “Japanese tea Advisor” qualification exam of 26 people all with yourself attendance this year was announced.
This was a level of high students who called in particular is more than 90% of accuracy rate exceeding 30%.
It is the scenery of the termination expression.
After this, there was awarded the Certificate of Completion from the principal teacher.
The thing that has been prepared in the social gathering after the end of the formula.
We had a fun time with the gem that has been exhibited in the “Japanese tea Award”.
I wish from the bottom of my heart to everyone of your success in the qualification exam’s “Japanese tea Advisor”.

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