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We know the “Sayama”

It has to bother you as a lecturer in Sayama citizen University “Sayama region hometown Laboratory”.
As they learn the local resources that sleep in this Sayama city, “Sayama hometown” to the keyword, history, culture, nature, and is the course of the industry.
Whether the people who dismissed a line of your job, any place in the Sayama, have sleeping What culture and industry, it is how to help in the “urban development”?
And if he how relevant?
Elderly I do not know whether the term is appropriate healthy, but “attractive and future prospects of Sayama Tea Culture” course entitled of the senior lives in front of the eyes proud “tea Kaoru Street Sayama” We want to make the “city” as possible.
While Standing its feelings to the podium, it was acutely To feel time.
The real town planning and you’re waiting for the “country and government that us to something in this course is far … can not be.
However, the spirit that can by only one person start moving. ”
Here I feel like I am allowed to learn.

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