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To soften a compaction department

With the machine called Subsoiler plow it deeply; is working.
The introduction of the tea picking machine of the passenger use type advances for labor saving, but uses approximately 14-16 times a year of spaces between the ribs by tea plantation management such as the work to prepare tea picking and a branch as a passage.
From this, physics-related aggravation of the soil between the furrow is concerned about by the pressure to go through of the crawler, but knows that a pore rate approximately at the same level as a general tea plantation finds you by doing the work to plow deeply with the machine called Subsoiler.
Green leaf yields of the first tea, second-rate tea of after next year increase an average of around 15% again by performing the work to plow deeply with the machine called Subsoiler every year in a fall; even if do it, is said to be it.

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