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It became slightly late

I performed application of autumn manure.
It was limited, and the time to put it in a tea plantation from influence for autumnal rain front has become this year at this time.
“The tea” absorbs most nourishment in a fall and I take it in at the time when the photosynthesis of from October to November is active and am used. In addition, the peak of the growth of the root is November.
I fertilize it to plan recovery of the growing power of a tree that past tea picking consumed by a tea stock side and work to fix and branch-formed enhancement of one a year next Japanese tea of ordinary quality.
It is more effective than spring manure, and the autumn manure becomes the fertilization that is high in weight to give a yield, and the injection that is enough to promote the nourishment accumulation to a storing root in a drop of temperature and the sunshine quantity is necessary.

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