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“Make a cartoon to PR the Sayama City” began in earnest starting from December last year project, is “separate Sayama” by Yotori Asuka’s went into the hand.
Looking at the Chichibu mountains and Air Self-Defense Force Iruma base from the roof of the city hall, tea plantation and of Sayama tea, it has become a story to visit, such as Satoshi Gwangsan Park Children’s Zoo.
Your tea plantation of Sayama tea is on the cover, azalea of ​​the “city of flowers” in Sayama City, Chichibu mountain range is drawn to the distant view.
Sayama City, so the first impression when you gave us come to was “empty of passing such blueness,” “distant mountains”, “Self-Defense Forces base”, there is the case in particular has entered a yell.
She is always seems sunny when it comes to Sayama in as “fine woman”.
Since it is often to explore the city while I think “weather Do good” “Do not bright I Sayama city”, seems to have me draw while to take care of that impression.
And finally it seems to have us drawn want led to the “emigration to Sayama”.
We have us draw also of course “Sayama tea”.
So that the charm of Sayama to many people you transmitted is
Yotori is Asuka’s blog.

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