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As an alternative material of compost

Compost and stable production of agricultural crops, for soil building, is a valuable material, but and Rukoto written effort, it is actual situation that the application amount from material shortage has decreased year by year.
This area progressed residential land of fields, home of the tea garden from the fact that you are scattered so as to be surrounded by residential, odor of compost had also become a major problem.
Odor problems due to compost is also of course, but since it also lead to labor saving of compost application, as an alternative material of compost, we have applied a valid “Azumin” to replenish the humic acid.
“Azumin” is material Is et al to replenish the humic acid is an important element of soil fertility, we can expect the same effect as compost.
Three of the effect divided large Masu ani Gerare.
1. effect humic acid content to increase the soil fertility, cation exchange capacity (CEC; Hokoe-ryoku), buffer capacity with respect to the change of pH, and improve the physical properties of the soil (breathable, water retention).
2. The effect cation exchange capacity to enhance the fertilizer effect is larger, it increases the ability to retain the fertilizer component, which reduces erosion is. In particular, three elements (nitrogen, phosphate, potassium) fertilizer will effect the promotion of, soil immobilized anti-solubilizing effect of phosphoric acid, is important erosion prevention effect of potassium. ? Among the humic acid contained in effect Azumin to enhance the activity of 3. roots, primarily due to the component begins to melt in water, the roots are activated, the development of the root system (root elongation, an increase of rootlets amount), root activity of It is prompted nutrient absorption by the reduction.

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