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It is referred to draw a “line” rather than “point”

Leave January 26, we have participated in the “Japanese tea export promotion seminar” of Japanese tea Export Promotion Council sponsored.
Consisting of 5-part “- mainly in production – pesticides for the export”, “Procedures for export”, “Japanese tea of the current situation in foreign countries,” “Japan marketing strategy of tea”, “the future of the Japanese tea export” General Discussion I did things.
It was a lot of training to learn.
Of particular it remained in the impression, absolutely impossible in because “tea” is not sold in Japan
That there needs to be able to sell the “things” rather than “things”
What do you want to tell of, including overseas “Japanese tea”? It clearly is that the
This is called lead to the “outlook on life”, “management philosophy”.
And that it referred to draw a “line” rather than “point”

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